Hi, thanks for replies and translation for other

Hi, thanks for replies and translation for other users.

> maco
By the logic I mentioned a multiplexer or similar circuit that connect two PS/2 lines to the same pins of PS/2 connector. Multimeter probe indicate that superIO lines are not connected together. I can measute 82R between KCLK, KDAT and PS/2 connector but much higher resistance for MCLK, MDAT.

Yes, the wiring you have described I'm going to do now.
I already got a DDR3 module to run the MB. I checked that KB and mouse separately works in this PS/2 port. Even, whats's interesting, when I booted with mouse plugged in and then swap the keyboard in it was detected and superIO switched routing to keyboard PS/2 line so I can type. When I swapped back to mouse it didn't detected anymore, probably mouse driver would need reinitialize...

Here's important note about IT8728F: there's only preliminary datasheet ver 0.42 available on Internet that describes wrong pinout! on page 7. Fortunately I was able to find a Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2-B3 schematics circuit that use the same IT8728F and there's correct pinout on page 17.

So here we go:
MCLK - 114
MDAT - 113
KCLK - 112
KDAT - 111

Sure, I should add some ESD/EMi protector, capacitor and other "useless" components but first I'm curious if it will work. I'll let you know.