Whoaa, I made it! Time to do Steve

Whoaa, I made it! Time to do Steve Balmer's mokey dance

My first attempt had failed because I swapped all pins on PS/2 mirros side - I overlooked that I glued the connector upside-down instead that one is on board. Thankfully to current limiter protection didn't blew my mouse:) Shame on me.
So after I fixed the wiring and booted I found it works just fine! I was a little bit shocked that when I curiously swapped KB and mouse it still worked! So there must be some switching logic (protocol switching) embedded inside superIO so it can accomodate to KB/mouse on both lines. Also when I swapped KB and mouse at runtime the KB was immediatelly recognized and working. Mouse didn't because it required to call driver again to reinitialize it. After this it worked too. So big thank to BIOS writer engineers that did their job with technical thinking (instead of marketing thinking how to save a cent for 2-port connector) and allowed me to fix it thisd way. Now I can run native PS/2 like before without messing with messy USB legacy emulation code...

So anyone with decent electronic skills, micro-solder iron and steady hands can do it yourself:)
test setup
SIO-PS/2 wiring
ctmouse loaded successfully
I'll take some better and closer shots at daylight.

Update: I can see that KB/mouse automatic switching is configurable feature of SuperIO, see reg.
APC/PME Control Register 2 (PCR 2) (Index=F4h, Default=00h)
bit 7: Auto-swap of KCLK/KDAT and MCLK/MDAT
0: Enable (Default)
1: Disable