Вышла MHDD 4.5 Список изменений :

Вышла MHDD 4.5

Список изменений:

+ Makelog now checks free space before starting writing logs
+ New command line switch /NOPINGPONG - switch off some sounds in MHDD
+ Fixed a cosmetic bug with block counters during Scan
+ RPM measurement now works for SCSI drives
+ Fixed: scan hangs on a bad block while testing SCSI drive
+ New command: CONFIG - device configuration view and modify. Can be used
to get full size on drives which were cutted by manufacturer, to switch on/off
things such as SMART, AAM, HPA, LBA48, Security. Switching of DMA modes is also

+ IDE CDROM detection and scanning. ALT+E ejects/loads the disc. Also seektest
(command CX) is now working with IDE CDROM.
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