MOBO is highly unstable. POST codes are normaly runing until POST code 52, and then 5d and it`s not moving from there.
When I take RESET buton MOBO do all the POST and goes to boot normaly. After restarting hammering on POST 5d.
When there is more then one RAM module put in MOBO then beeping on RAM or staying on POST 54 (voltage is stable on 2.7V)
I changed allmost everithing: APM-s in AGP, RAM, NB supply( all voltages normal), MS-7 Corecell, WINBOND W83627THF superIO, "микруха" MS-3 A0, heated SB, NB, I flashed BIOS with several versions.
Nothing of MOBO components is heating it self.
I tried diferent POWER supplies, CPU-s, RAM-s, SVGA-s etc...

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Аватар пользователя Jega

I changed allmost every capacitor in CPU, RAM and SB/NB supply, and don nothing with basic problem.
Then,after 2 days of working on this MOBO, from despare, when I exhausted all "unresnable" options, only that left to try was resnable:)
I changed BUS Termination regulator W833100s. And gues what? All started to work normaly:)
This guy is responsible for all problems. I lost my eyes with this MOBO, and it`s my fault becouse I should change this W83 at the first...
hank`s _an_ for your support:)

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