Guy who brought mobo flashed wrong BIOS file. Problem is that chip is AT26DF081A - 8MBIT 2.7V. I have standard eprom programer but it`s not supporting this kind of chips.
How to flash bios with that chip when mobo isn`t wakeing. Can I performe hotswap?

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Search on --> programmers.

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Can I performe hotswap?
What kind of mobo you have for hotswap? IMHO, many of flashers can't support AT26DF081A. I don't read all datasheet, but i see difference on command listing: AT26DF081A have only Jedec ID command, 25xxxx SPI flash have Jedec ID and Manufacture/Device ID command. Also AT26DF081A have Sector Protect/Unprotect command. There is another problem - have you a binary file for programmer? Or you have only file, which download from

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I used MSI TL-46 Post cart that have ability to override mobo bios and use external bios chip to turn on mobo.I used Intel bios for some 945 mobo ,that is similar with mobo I whant to repair, and using standard 4Mbit eprom.And, when I managed to boot from FDD it was easy to flash original bios into mobo eprom. TL-46 shoul be working only with MSI mobos but in rare cases like this it work with other producers:) Next time maybe I will not be so lucky...

when I managed to boot from FDD it was easy to flash original bios into mobo eprom
It's a good way;). You can start original flasher and original file, which download from Congratulations!

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