Does anyone have some good russian-english mini dictionary (in e-form of course),  adequate for using with your forum since there is many words and terms that I don`t properly understend or translate. It`s litle hard to folow instructions from other users and to find certain part in forum without proper language knowledge. I appreciate your help in advance:) 

P.S. I`m sorry if this topic is posted in wrong place. I didn`t know where else to put it...

Если данная информация оказалась полезной/интересной - плюсаните, пожалуйста:

Аватар пользователя Baza

Да, дела....

Где тут у нас был словарик ремонтных жаргонизмов?

Придётся его переводить на английский:(

Либо нечему гореть, либо нечем поджечь!

Аватар пользователя R_Soft


Проще будет здесь привести список "непонятных" слов. Будем переводить. С техническим английским вроде более-менее дружу. Хотя, к примеру, вчера в даташите встретил слово clamp/clamped. Сразу возникла ассоциация с токовыми клещами (clamp meter), но в даташите совершенно другой термин...:)

Партизан подпольной луны aka (R)soft

Аватар пользователя Rom

Согласен с Владимиром.

Аватар пользователя max3


 if you would have a list ready i am sure we would do the translation (explanation), also we did have a list of words (forums slang) for russian speaking people who just joined us, because many words used here are not common at all. 

Аватар пользователя Jega


I noticed that most of people on forum is using some kind sleng. My knowledge of russian is not so bad. In Serbian schools Russian is primary lenguage and we all have learn it, but verbal russian is totaly diferent thing and the keyboard layout is also big problem and because of that bariere I can`t write on russian.
For example: In standard dictionatry "отжиг" is translated as "to desolder something". For long time I didn`t know whar should I do to desolder USB from South. After heavy reading through forum and WIKI I found out what author ment by "отжиг".

Thank you all for great help and understanding that you providing to me. I will try to sublimate my language dilemas and to post it.

I'm very glad to see someone from abroad, especially Serbia.

I'll try to help as I can. I can also suggest for your purposes. It translated "отжиг" correctly and it's the dictionary I use. It can translate hole pages.

I've used it many times to translate pages with computer termins from Chinese and Japan to English and was very surprised by the quality.

And we use here not a sleng, but terminology. The language by itself is usual to me at least.

Вместе мы -!

Аватар пользователя Jega

Exelent idea:)

I`ll try google engine today and inform you about results...

You all can reply in russian since I understand 95% of common language, and for terminology now I know where to ask:)

Аватар пользователя Jega
Thank`s for revelation called google translation tool:) It works fine with most words I tried.
I have one more question for respektable moderators, where is adequate place on your site for posting some interesting details or situations I met during motherboard repairing which I found that can be usefull for other members.Like some kind of tips and tricks.
Аватар пользователя savely

where is adequate place on your site for posting some interesting details or situations I met during motherboard repairing

Ну, видимо где-то здесь:

А кому счас легко...

Аватар пользователя Jega


I hope my modest expirience can contribute that someone can find and solve some problems with mobos...

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