Intel Bios Needed

Dear All
I am looking for Intel D102GGC2 Mother board bios in bin format

could someone provide me the bios in bin format
or kindly help me to convert the .bio file to bin format

Аватар пользователя Bishop

From the fact that available - D101GGC
According to the specs, the boards are the same:
• ATI Radeon * Xpress 200 Northbridge
• ATI IXP 450 Southbridge
• 4 Mbit Firmware Hub (FWH)
• SMSC SCH5017
I think if you flash programmer for its BIOS, you may be able to run the BOOT-block and fill in their native firmware. I practice so do not try.
Probably need a PCI-video card
P.S. Обратный перевод тем же гуглом - просто вынос мозга:) Интересно как всю эту писанину поймёт англичанин, когда я сам узнать уже не могу )))))

D101GGC.ZIP 411.83 КБ

...ложки нет

Bishop писал(-а):
4 Mbit Firmware Hub (FWH)
Not FWH. LPC or universal LPC/FWH.


Thank you I will try that

I have tried by copying D101GGC bios. Result is no display with Ram Beep
bios Recovery didnt start from boot block

is it possible to edit .bio and make it to .bin format

das711 писал(-а):
is it possible to edit .bio and make it to .bin format
maco писал(-а):

Аватар пользователя savely

Download EFI_Unpacker
Make BIN
many FFs + at end (total file size == size of flash chip).
Flash this BIN.
Run MB in recovery mode and let it try to flash .

А кому счас легко...

thanks for the support

can you give me little more briefly

i have downloaded efi-unpacker

extracted the " "

how to make bin can you help me on this

das711 писал(-а):
how to make bin
savely писал(-а):
many FFs + at end (total file size == size of flash chip)
You have flash chip --> read marking --> size of flash chip --> create file (size of file == size of flash chip - size of, which contains 0xFF (by means of WinHex, for example).

copy /b filename__FF + filename_bin

filename_bin - binary image.

Аватар пользователя savely

You have flash chip --> read marking --> size of flash chip

Rename to bootblock.bin for simplicity.

Run attached fillfile.exe as
fillfile.exe a.bin N 255, where N = size of flash chip MINUS size of bootblock.bin (dec number)

Make BIN
copy /b a.bin+bootblock.bin TESTBIOS.BIN

Test size of TESTBIOS.BIN - must be equal size of flash chip.

Flash testbios.bin and run in recovery mode.

ВложениеРазмер 29.18 КБ

А кому счас легко...

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