Abit IC7 + Mobile Pentium 4 Prescott E0 (SL7NB)

Hello, at first I wanna say that i don't understand your language at all.
But I see there are people that are very skilled, and maybe one of You would like to help me.

I got Mobile Pentium 4 Prescott E0 (SL7NB) CPUID=0F41.
It's running on my board, but WITHOUT HT. I see that mobo recognizes it as old Northwood CPU (with HT1), and tries to run this CPU in HT1 mode, instead of prescott's improved HT2 mode.

I got simple work to do, i just need to insert some CPU Microcode updates into my BIOS.
IC7 BIOS 28 - that's the BIOS file.

Heres the description of my CPU, which is unfortunately unsupported by my board:

As you see, the CPUID is 0F41, and i got several update files for that CPUID.

Some people say, that these CPUs are working on Albatron X865PE Pro II.
Also, some of them say that it's working on ABIT IS7. (all with the latest bioses ofk)

At first i tried to use checkup7 v 7.13 with actual pep.dat. W/o success.
I tried to use mcup, but it doesn't recognize my CPU Microcode update files.

Also I've tried to use ctmc, but it couldn't find required update in db (WCPUIDs match, but platform ID is different)

Is there any way to force ctmc to update the cpucode?
Are there any ways to inject these code updates into the BIOS?

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