SIS 961/962/962Lua

I have 3 mobo-s with same problem: SIS 962 and 962Lua not functional.
Unfortunately, I don`t have any working replacements. But I have a lot of SIS961 south-s. Can I change 962 to 961?
I tried to find datasheets by writing Sis, but SiS don`t want to share them with me:(

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I experimented with changing SIS962L to sis961. Chips are pin to pin same. When I soldered SIS961 to ASUS P4S533-MX, mobo started and post codes runing normaly. But, when it showes picture on monitor and showes CPU ID it stops responding.
Do I have to redact some BIOS elements? In POST I see that it still recognises SiS 962 that is not present anymore.

Some pinout of SiS north and south bridges.

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