EliteGroup 865PE-A7 V:1.0

MOBO came with big hole on upper right corner, between PS-2 connector and mounting hole. Guy who brought MOBO said that computer had electric shock. Marking on PCB that is barely visible from burning is MC14, MC15, but components are fried and PCB as well.
What are those and where they are connected? I must reconstruct electric lines on PCB becouse of its demage.
When I start MOBO in this condition I got POST C1-C0-C1-E0.
Voltages are ok: CPU 1.37V (celeron D331), RAM 2.62V, AGP 1.58V, NB 1.22V. Reset FP_SW 3.57V, PCI A15 4.57V, IDE1 5.04V.
I flashed BIOS with no result.

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Did I mention that MOBO is beeping on memory? Well, it does!
This is general question:
If I have memory supply ok, how to test if something else is problem or problem is with memory on some other way then with its supply?
What is part of north bridge in memory inicialisation? Who goes first?
I read that some people solved this kind of problems by heating North. In this case, that method didn`t help.
Where to read next?
Is there any benefit of changing MIO when this kind of mailfunction( E0 + beeping on RAM) is present?

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